Ikea Table Hack – Industrial Farmhouse Nightstand


When in Dallas, we often stop by Ikea on the way back to OKC to search for hidden treasures.  On one such trip my Mom had snagged a set of tables (they call them laptop stands) only to realize when we got home she had accidentally grabbed a red one instead of two black tables.   Since returning the table was not at all worth it, she shoved it in a closet which she happened to be cleaning out right after we bought the Airbnb house.  Since I was in need of furniture, I was happy to take the table off her hands.  In another stroke of luck, thanks to my obsession of stalking Facebook Marketplace, I happened to find another lone table that I was thrilled to snag for $10.

Since I am going for an industrial farmhouse feel in the Airbnb, I wanted to warm the tables up a bit.  The glass tops were a bit too modern for me and switching them out with a sheet of plywood was incredibly cheap and easy.

What do you think? Upgrade or downgrade?


Steps for the super simple transition:

  1. If you live close to an Ikea, you can pick up the table there.  If you’re far from one (like me), you can grab one from Amazon instead.
  2. Cut a piece of wood to the size of the glass.  I bought a piece of 7/32″ underlayment and then traced the glass top on it.  The thickness of the underlayment was perfect.
  3. I then stained the wood my signature color, and gave it a solid two coats of triple thick polyurethane.
  4. Pop the finished wood in the frame and your transformation is complete!

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