Snap by Groupon – Earn Money Back From Your Groceries

The Snap App is brought to you by the popular deals site, Groupon.  With Snap you can earn money back on your groceries by snapping a picture of your receipt with qualifying items on it.  For example, I can currently get $0.50 back for buying a can of Blue Diamond almonds of any variety, no matter the price I paid or where I bought them from.  Once you earn $20.00 you can cash out for a check. In the past 6 weeks I have earned $6.50, so at this rate I should hit $20 around 4 months.

Snap App Review

I take a minute or two after each trip to the grocery store to scroll through the list of offers on Snap to see if anything I bought qualifies. If it does, I simply select the offer(s) and then take a picture of my receipt. That’s it.  It only takes a minute of your time but it’s a toss up if something you bought will qualify or not.  Their offers change frequently.  For example, a few weeks ago they offered money back on produce such as (brussel sprouts and bananas) which typically makes up the bulk of my groceries, so I got a good amount of money back on those items.  However, currently they are only offering cash back on specific brand name items (such as the Blue Diamond almonds, Dole Dippers, and Pepperidge Farm rolls).

Verdict: Download
Overall I would say Snap is worth downloading and keeping on hand especially if you use other grocery apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51.  Sometimes the selection isn’t great but scrolling through the offer list will only take you less than a minute, so what do you have to lose?